Obsolete In Reverse 

29/10/2020 - 05/10/2020 


Arch 547 Martello Street  E8 3PE 

springseason is pleased to open with a solo presentation of work by Rebeca Romero, at our space in Arch 5 of theFieldWorks complex in London Fields. We begin our programme with the obsolete in reverse; failed projects,empty buildings and an eye on the past are all learnt from, to create something new. Romero has worked with uscollaboratively to configure her Archeological Vestiges, 2 of which were found in her MFA presentation at  Goldsmiths, earlier this year. 

These 3D printed objects appropriate forms from pre-Hispanic iconography, which  after a process of manipulation and affect are slowly restructured through the use of this new technology - perhapsthe most direct image to object rendering. These begin life with the raw artefact, from which data is collectedthrough light by museums and archives. Romero the enters the process as an artist to continue this life cycleresulting in these tactile objects.In the film “Versions” by artist Oliver Laric, to which we were introduced by Romero, a voice over reads “…stonestatues were used as cobbles stones, keystones and infill; or were modified to represent something new…”. The idea  of ‘something new’ is in some ways the core of this collaboration. A new presentation for work, in a new space, andwith it new introductions to a personal and holistic body of material.The vessels sit upon or within frames. Resembling packaging crates, ill-fit for the dimensions of the vessels, there isa slip in their relation to the mechanism used in this presentation. 

The vessels are contrapuntal to the architecture,and somehow have found unison with the building - despite a constant discord; echos, curved walls, overhead trainsounds and a malfunctioning boiler. Treated almost modularly, their fixed position is a result of numerouspreceding configurations. An accompanying sound piece reminiscent of archeological sites; drilling and scrapingaway at data, is chorused around the room on loop…only to be interrupted by the passing trains. The sound piece ishard to locate, and upsets otherwise peaceful objects, in their new location.

Words by Gillies Adamson Semple

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