The New Worshipers | El Peregrinaje

12.40 min. Performative reading

Questioning the gap between myth and reality, knowledge and popular belief,‘The New Worshipers’ takes the audience on a journey through the overlaps of the human, the natural and the spiritual world.

Exploring questions such as: What is the effect of globalisation on ancestral spiritual practises, and what does the search for a life-changing experience in a commodified world could look like in a not so distant future? The speculative fiction work* transitions the boundaries between humans and their environment, taxonomies created during the Age of Enlightenment.

‘The New Worshipers’ was originally commissioned as an audio piece for the speculative fiction radio show ‘Future Artefacts’, adapted to a live context for New Writing with New Contemporaries at SLG event.

*Sound and scenography designed by the artist.

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