The alarm clock of the phone rings but he has been awake since an hourit was hard to fall sleep because the neighbours had a party and they stayed up until latedrinking beersit wouldn’t be a problem if he hadn’t got that job interview todaybut he’s got it and he is feeling tiredhe has been staring at the corner of the room since 5am,where there is a massive stain of dampit is brown and yellowish and the paint is falling apart, inflated, balloonyhe promised to himself that he would fix it when he moved into the house, but that was already5 years ago and him and the stain have become sort of …intimatethey are now companions, room mates, confidantscleaning the stain at this point will equal murderhe gets hungrygets out of bed and goes down to the kitchen to make himself a sandwichdirty dishes are all piled up in the sinkhe remembers the time when sharing a flat between 3 people was considered a stretchnow there is 7 of them under the same roof,sharing a toiletthere is Adam and Rita and Josh and John and Marta and Julsand they are all creative people who love to cook and share an occasional glass of wine in theliving room,or at least they were before the moveinto the houseMarta and Julian are sleeping together and he knows it cause he can hear themthrough the thin walls of the city house they shareand when they are together he can hear her,moaningAdam locks his room every time he leaves the house and Josh ….. Josh is never around really,sometimes he wonder if Josh is okRita hates his guts and he knows it cause she always takes his clothes out of the washingmachine and place them in the floor to use it herself, so he avoids he has dinner in his room every day after he comes from workand he dries the wet clothes she placed spitfuly on the floor, in his bedroom,he’s got a special rack for itand he brings straight upstairs all the girls he hooks up with, never making a stop at the livingroom or the wonderful garden once advertised on the rental addso he sleeps, eats, dreams, reads, plans, fears, fucksall in the same roomall in the same damned 12m2and that stain has seen it all5 years togetherthats longer than any of his romantic relationshipsso you see,there is a bond.So even if he gets that job he is appliying for todayand his income increasesand even he is aware that his asthma has gotten considerably worst in the last yearsand he is finding it harder and harder to breathhe probably, won’t leavecause the rent is really not that bad, £700 bills includedin this leafy and up and coming area of the city? bargainand packing is just such a pain in the assand ….family sticks together.Right?——————- 


the doors open of the carriage openit is only the middle of spring but temperatures are high37 degrees in the shadowthe hottest May in the last 3 decades,i manage to get a sit while thinking how impressed I was with the public transport systemthe first time I arrived to the city, that’s a while ago nowwhat’s with this fabric?sticking to my skinthe train stops in between stationswithout any kind of explanationand I start to get anxiousno timeno timeno timeno time -TUNE 2 INthis damn thingit better starts to movei left home not really knowing where im goingbut I’m latethat i knowi can feel my heart beating fasterand drops of sweat sliding down my neckbut I say to myself: c a l m d o w nits gonna be, j u s t f i n efocus onthe addsyou could do with a new mattressor a new bank card that puts money on a side for youmoney you could use to get a new haircut, go blondbecome a new you , a better youand I remember when you said to mehow your biggest fear was to die in the middle of a fireand I remember how I said to you “I think we need to o p e n our r e l a t i o n s h i p”I’m getting claustrophobic here manthe heat in the carriage raises andI start panickingwill we all melt ?and flux?and become this one body,this shapeless form,this fuselage of fleshhow many people are in this carriage?15 sitting, aproximately 25 standingthis one body, with 40 mouthswith 80 arms and 80 legs and a healthy balance of penises and vaginasand we struggle to breath and to move so we glideon a massive puddleof soya lattes, curry sauce and sweatand I’m not feelingv e r ysexywhat is that stench?is this the smell of our feelings?the train starts to move.———— 


The sun is setting down,is almost the end of the day and you are longing forthe glareyou promised to yourself you’ll limit your consume to 5 hours per daybut the screen time tracker on your phone tells you, you have not been behaving wellshameonyouthe time for your last dose of the day is almost comingso you get comfortableyou take your shoes offwarm up the last bit of take away that is left in the fridgeyou get ready,and you connect - TUNE 3 INright clickinboxprimary | social | promotionsnew music from artists you lovea new job just for youkeep learningbuy it nowyou remember you ran out of detergentan almost like magic a new message arriveswe found something for youchoose wiselywe make the impossible, possibleorder confirmedand you think to yourself :man that wase a s yyou did so well quiting that office jobbecoming a freelancerworking from homeYou used to have to share an office with 126 peopleincluding Alfredthat imbecileand now, you don’t even have to cross paths with your neighbour if you dont want towhen was the last time you saw him? or was it her?scrollnew windowblack shirtsize Mshort sleevesmade in cambodiaon salego to checkoutarriving tomorrow by 2pmthe only thing you miss at this pointis the happy hour in the pub across the streetthat was funa couple of pints with the boysa bit of banteryou wonder how Kathy is doingremember that selfie she posted the other day? she looked goodTopAccountsTagsPlacesSearchshe has never really talked to you butthe other day she watched one of your storiesso she must miss youmaybe you’ll invite her over for dinnerone daymental note: text your sister ask if you can borrow some nice platesand a full set of cutleryand some candlesnew alarm: do not forget to book that cabthey need to pick you up tomorrow 6 am sharpthat all included holiday is gonna be sooooooo niiiiiceeeeeeand there is nothing weird on going by yourselfyou’ll meet people thereyou’ve got the appdon’t over think itis almost midnight now,just go to bed. 

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