Rebeca Romero

Born in Lima, Peru - Lives and works in London. She holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College. Her work has been exhibited internationally in group exhibitions at Enclave Gallery, UK (2018), Eve Leibe Gallery, UK (2018), SB34-The Pool, Belgium (2019), Korai Project Space (2020) Cyprus, Arebyte Gallery AOS, UK (2020) and Saatchi Gallery, UK (2020).

She was the recipient of an Almacantar award for her Degree Show at Goldsmiths (2020) and has recently opened her first solo show at Springseason Gallery, UK in October 2020. Rebeca has also worked with the cultural institution Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (2013-2014) and is currently a Junior Fellow at Goldsmiths University


I work across a range of media, including sculpture, textiles, performance, image manipulation and video. I'm interested in concepts surrounding identity and its relationship to the digital age, at the same time in the connection between technology and "truth", particularly the westernised idea of it. 

Through my practice, I question ideas concerning representation, appropriation and authorship. The recent incorporation of new materialities and disruptive technologies into my work presents a new set of questions concerning production, automation and processes of exchange that are currently the focus of my research. 

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